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Extended Deckhouse

The 60/67 Extended Deckhouse Series of Hatteras Motor Yacht is the ideal accommodation for enjoying life on the water and lounging in the most relaxing and stylish surroundings. With the spacious room arrangements and more open floor plans, Hatteras designers truly outdid themselves with this series, offering the premium features in style and function. The four staterooms below deck are outfitted with all the modern luxuries, including a whirlpool bath and shower and architectural accents to make your time at sea as luxurious as possible. The upper gallery and wide salon leave plenty of space for entertaining in total style and elegance with modern appliances. Even the helm station is decked out with plush seating and a streamlined console for easy and comfortable navigation. The thoughtful layout and modern amenities of this Hatteras design are so superb that you will never want to set foot on land again.

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