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48 Yacht Fisherman

If there is a cruiser that seamlessly blends the comforts of home with the freedom of a yacht, it's the Hatteras Yachts 48 Yacht Fisherman. Designed as a fishing and entertainment yacht, this pleasure cruiser provides you with a warm, homey feel that isn't found in many of today's modern yachts. It comes with a beautifully appointed dining area and a fully equipped galley that features a four-burner electric stove and a combo refrigerator and freezer. Overhead windows allow sunlight to flow into the galley during the day, and florescent fixtures provide light at night. The spacious saloon is perfect for those who love to entertain multiple guests. It also features plenty of cabinet space to store goods. The standard floor plan offers private rooms for three couples, and the flybridge comes complete with a control station and ample room for sitting. Thanks to its reinforced fiberglass body, the Hatteras 48 Yacht Fisherman is equipped to handle all the perils of the open water.

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