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86S Open

The Azimut Yachts 86S tests the limits of high-performance yachts. With its sleek, aerodynamic design and high-powered water jet propulsion system, the 86S can accelerate to thrilling speeds up to 40 knots and beyond. Italian designer Stefano Rhigini customized the 86S with all the luxury, style and comfort that can be expected from this magnificent line of yachts. Three lavish staterooms offer ample space for entertaining your important guests. The 86S features the classic double-mirrored "shark fin" windows that make it distinguishable as an Azimut. If you've never manned the helm of the Azimut 86S, you wouldn't expect this kind of control from a yacht of this size; its unique joystick control allows you to maneuver around the ocean's waters with ease. In just three boat lengths, it can come to a complete stop from full speed. The Azimut 86S is considered to be near the top of the Azimut line of yachts.


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