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74 Solar

The Azimut Yachts 74 Solar is one of the most elegant models on the market, designed to showcase the unique style of the series without being afraid to experiment and challenge the status quo. The 74 Solar's design is derived from the Azimut 70 SeaJet, featuring many of the same dips and curves, but the new model features additional stylistic elements and functional advancements from the Azimut's newer series of motor yachts. One of the most distinctive features of this yacht is the establishment of the longer hull, which increases the length and beam ratio for a more pronounced and powerful degree of performance. As far as driving goes, the 74 Solar is powerful in its acceleration and responsiveness as it is quick to recover from sudden turns while providing drivers a comfortable degree of control. Additionally, the yacht comes with three or four staterooms depending your preferences for you and your guests.

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