Peter Markatos

Sales Professional in Palm Beach Gardens

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Peter has been around boating and water sports most of his life, boating in and around Long Island Sound, the New England area, and South Florida.

With over 10 years experience as a Yacht Broker, Peter has consistently been a Sales Award winner at HMY. Peter has successfully completed the Viking Masters Program, Tiara University and the Riviera Experts Program.

A graduate of Syracuse University with 35 years experience in the business world both in sales and as an officer of a NASDAQ listed company through an IPO, Peter knows the value and importance of listening, responding to issues, concerns and follow-up. He knows that hard work, organization and most of all integrity are all qualities of a successful Yacht Broker.

As a licensed pilot and ex-Army helicopter mechanic/crew chief, Peter is well suited for the complexities of purchasing a yacht. My job doesnt end with the sale!