Born and raised in sunny South Florida, Blake has never been more than a stone’s throw from the crystalline waters of the Atlantic. Whether it was a jaunt out to the Bahamas or a weekend fishing trip to the Florida Keys, boats were always in the background of Blake’s life growing up.

His family moved from St. Petersburg to West Palm Beach in the late 80s, where his father continued to establish himself within the yacht brokering community. Today, Blake’s father is a leading figure in the industry with a strong reputation and some 40 years of experience.

Blake grew up in the West Palm Beach area, attending Wellington High School before travelling up to Jacksonville to attend the University of North Florida. Feeling more at home in WPB than Jacksonville, Blake relocated to his home after earning his undergraduate degree, where he has been ever since. Blake began working doing social work for the local branch of a national organization, eventually rising to a position where he managed group homes for the developmentally disabled spanning from Daytona down to Miami. Needing a change from the status quo, Blake decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and became a yacht broker for HMY Yacht Sales.

When it comes to yacht brokering, Blake is guided by the same ideals that earned him respect and success in his prior career: integrity, honesty, diligence, product knowledge, and excellent customer service. Blake strives to make every stage of the purchasing process as fun and fulfilling as possible—whether that be doing the legwork of research at the front end, or following up to ensure complete client satisfaction. Blake is certain that his partnership with HMY Yacht Sales’ own approach, stellar reputation, and world-class marketing advantage will make for a selling and/or buying experience that exceeds expectations.

Feel free to give Blake a call to see how he can get started helping you with your boating needs.