Pershing Yachts 82 Motor Yacht

The Pershing Yachts 82 Motor Yacht is a high-end cruiser. This model boasts a fuel capacity of 1,572 gallons, a good amount for general entertainment and leisure use. The water capacity is 343 gallons, plenty to supply showers and a cozy but complete kitchen. You can choose your favorite paint finish in the enviable silver, gold, bronze, aluminum, or pearlescent shades that Pershing is known for. One of the most notable equipment options is 150,000-Btu air conditioning to keep you comfortable during the summer months or in the warmer regions of the globe. Both decks feature large windows that flood natural light into the interior, which is luxuriant with mosaic-tiled showers, natural dark-stained oak, and Poltrona Frau leather that upholsters the furniture as well as the bulkheads. Overall, the Pershing 82 is a luxuriant and delightfully spacious cruiser model that you'll want to show off to your friends yet also enjoy to yourself.

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