Pershing Yachts 50 Motor Yacht

The Pershing Yachts 50 motor yacht is a beautiful vessel capable of generating a comfortable cruising speed of 40 knots, letting you and your guests enjoy a cooling breeze out on the open seas. The design team focused on bringing speed and luxury to this longer vessel, resulting in a top speed of 45 knots that is capable of leaving many other cruisers trailing behind. The vessel is based on a conventionally crafted deep-V hull, showcasing a dead rise that is deeper than the traditional 22-degree configuration. The vessel also features pronounced chines and spray rails, which lend a powerful harshness to the otherwise slender profile of the Pershing 50. Every aspect of the design, from the powerful engine to the long and lean bow, is designed to improve speed and aerodynamic qualities, resulting in a more impressive ship that is capable of reaching top speeds quickly and holding them until you reach your destination.


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