Ocean Yachts 45 Super Sport

The Ocean Yachts 45 Super Sport yacht is a well-built convertible with fantastic performance and an elegant interior. The cozy cockpit offers easy access to the ship controls, while the aft of the boat includes a spacious area that offers a prime location for fishing. This speedy Super Sport yacht has a cruise speed of just over 25 knots and a top speed that comes in at 32 knots. The stateroom area of the interior is uniquely situated; located towards the bow is the master stateroom. Just beside the master stateroom is a single bunk room that offers accommodations for one. Further back on the Ocean Yachts 45 Super Sport is an additional stateroom that's located directly below the salon. In total, these staterooms can accommodate up to five people. The salon itself is decidedly spacious, providing comfortable couches and seating for five. A dinette can be found just beside the salon as can a fully-equipped galley complete with refrigerator.

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