Grand Banks 58 Eastbay

Few other vessels can define luxury quite as well as the Grand Banks Yachts’ 58 Eastbay. It is presented as a unique flybridge cruiser that is aimed specifically at buyers interested in a more traditional style of yacht. The craft is impressive because of its carefully planned multilevel design, which exhibits a beautifully spiraling staircase aft to the anchor platform around the bow. With a three-stateroom and galley-down interior, Grand Banks Yachts’ 58 Eastbay is designed for extended voyages and plenty of company. It’s perfect for people who are interested in turning the yacht into a party spot for their friends and family. The salon and most the vessel feature exquisitely inviting teak joinery with a sliding door at the ship's helm to provide access to the decks. Though built for comfort, the yacht can perform well with 1,400 horsepower Cat diesel engines that can produce top speeds of 30 knots.

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