Cruisers Yachts 4285 Express Bridge

Described as the perfect party barge, the Cruisers Yachts 4285 express is one of the most extravagant vessels one can buy. The 4285 Express is ideal for social occasions because of its extremely roomy interior and exterior, with such features as a spacious bridge deck, a massive interior with plenty of headroom and a large cockpit that features twin staircases. Beneath the sliding glass cockpit door, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy an expansive interior, which showcases a single level layout that contains ample counter space, stools and a wet bar with a gorgeous ice maker. For avid cruising enthusiasts, the yacht's V-drive Cats engine is capable of comfortably cruising at 20 knots, with plenty of horsepower available for more extensive trips. The yacht is beautifully furnished as well, and its sleek and glossy white exterior is streamlined to optimize its movements without taking away too much from its traditional presentation and charm.

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