Cabo Yachts 52 Convertible

Whether you’re planning an exciting fishing excursion or simply enjoying the open air and seas, the beautiful Cabo Yachts 52 Convertible is one of the most desirable yachts available for all types of seafarers. The brand has a long history of exceeding user expectation to create a seamless and powerful experience. This performance primary yacht focuses on providing users with the most powerful and versatile experience available, no matter where it’s driven. The new 52-foot yacht uses powerful and smooth motion control to provide drivers with a more seamless experience, and many critics have hailed the dry run as one of its best features. The Cabo 52 Convertible is capable of reaching a top speed of approximately 48 mph at roughly 2,325 rpm, and it cruises along at 31 mph. The interior is carefully crafted to provide users with a stylish profile as well as a more enjoyable long-term staying experience.

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