Cabo Yachts 43 Convertible

The Cabo Yachts 43 Convertible Yacht is truly one of a kind in terms of its combination of power and design. The sheer size of this beautiful yacht is impressive and brings an element of sophistication to your experience at sea. The blend of the classic look and modern lines makes the Cabo 43 Convertible Yacht a stunning sight. The engineering of the Cabo 43 Convertible Yacht is top notch with its nimble hull and ability to maintain an 18-degree tilt for a dry and exciting ride. The interior of this model offers two staterooms equipped with all the amenities you would expect from a vessel of this caliber and class. You will find more than enough storage space in this model and all the room you need to walk around above and below deck. The Cabo 43 Convertible Yacht is a top choice in comfort, power and style no matter how long your journey at sea.

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