Cabo Yachts 35 Convertible

As part of their commitment to continually improving their already top-rated yachts, Cabo is now featuring their two 35-foot yachts, the Flybridge Convertible and the Express, with entirely new hulls that are the brainchild of prominent hull designer, Lou Codega. Working with the Cabo team, Codega created the current model which includes two specially designed chines that enable the yachts to maintain their maximum interior space while also giving yacht owners and their guests a much dryer experience. The improved Cabo 35 Convertible also feature high agility, a desirable entry, and more accommodating motion. Since you will find yourself perched higher when fishing from your yacht, you will see firsthand how this new hull makes a very discernible difference – especially on account of its improved spinning capabilities. A top priority on the list of important attributes is the fact that, at a trolling speed of seven knots, the newly designed Cabo 35 hull possesses a markedly clean wake.

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