Azimut Yachts 68S

The Azimut Yachts 68S has a crisp and clean profile with attractive square windows that are designed to stand out on the open water. The Azimut 68S prides itself on the beautifully organic mooring and maneuvering technology, designed to provide seafarers with an elegant way to enjoy a more responsive system of controls for all types of applications. The computer-controlled joysticks feature a thrust interface with the main engines, establishing a unique system of control for a vessel of its size. Additionally, there are two acoustic mooring sensors that are mounted on both the taffrail and the swim platform to provide captains with the ability to cope with different seawall height levels, making steering all the more intuitive. Visitors will love the layout of the Azimut 68S as the accommodations are elegantly spaced out and visible as soon as you take a step on board with a galley on the lower deck that is separated from the central corridor.

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