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Juneau, Tracy Arm, Ketchikan, Glacier Bay, Sitka

As the great glaciers of the last Ice Age retreated from Southeast Alaska and British Columbia, a new and beautiful land was born.

The 250 miles of intricate glacial-carved Inland Passage between Haines in Glacier Bay to Ketchikan and Misty Fjords are an absolute national treasure. Hundreds of heavily forested islands and their many waterfalls, steep-sided cliffs and abundant wildlife are truly unique. A combination of latitude and warm ocean current create a mild climate and fantastic cruising.

Southeast Alaska is a synonym for outdoor adventure. From the maze of uninhabited islands to the towering snow-covered mountains ashore, the unparalleled solitude this remote towering snow covered mountains ashore, to the unparalleled to solitude this remote corner of the United States offers, you're guaranteed to see and experience things you've never encountered. Among the islands of Southeast Alaska, you're likely to see humpback whales breaching or "bubble net feeding," seals lounging and wrestling on the rocks, or a pod of orcas swimming in the distance. Along the shoreline, you'll spy American bald eagles wheeling overhead or brown bears hunting for their dinner along the water's edge. Your charter itinerary can be tailored to create the experience of a lifetime by adding adventures ranging from helicopter picnics and dog sledding atop a glacier to sea kayaking at the foot of a glacier to casting a fly into a stream chock full of salmon. Or, you can just peacefully enjoy a fine bottle of wine and a gourmet dinner aboard your yacht as the sunset paints the mountains and sky with a rosy glow. Whatever you choose, you'll never forget the breathtaking beauty of Southeast Alaska.

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