Quality and Value Found in Pre-Owned Cabo Yachts


Cabo Yachts is an iconic brand. They are most well known for their quality of construction, electrical engineering and hard core fishabilty. They can be found fishing all of the world’s oceans. Build sizes range from 31 to 52 feet and offer both express and convertible models. Founded in 1991 by Henry Mohrschladt and Mike Howarth, their mission statement was quite simple. “Build the Best Sportfishers Money Can Buy”.

The first model they built was the 35 Flybridge. It was launched in Oct. 1991 to rave reviews by sportfishing experts and press the world over. Over 350 of these 35 hulls were built. This model has proven to be one of the best small charter boats ever constructed. To this day, some of the finest exotic sportfishing charter destinations run 35 Cabos as their fleet vessels of choice.

Cabo Yachts took the industry by storm. The company grew quickly as the demand for new and larger models was insatiable. In 1997 the iconic 45 express was introduced and named “boat of the year” by Boating magazine. In 2003 Cabo launched their first 40 Express. This boat was the culmination of years of feedback from Cabo owners. A new hull design was used from Michael Peters Designs and it revolutionized the ride and capabilities of 40 foot boats. In fact, all future models introduced after the 40 would also have a Michael Peters bottom. The next boat in line was a 52 express in 2005 and she was an absolute BEAST! This flagship model, eventually led to a spectacular flybridge version in 2009.

In 2006 Cabo announced the sale of the company to Brunswick Corp. New models continued to be introduced, all with Michael Peters hull designs and the quality build Cabo owners demanded. The Cabo brand persevered through a down economy roughly from 2008 to 2011 still debuting revolutionary new models such as the 44 HTX. This model featured mezzanine seating and a factory 3 sided hard enclosure.

In 2013 Brunswick announced the sale of the Cabo and Hatteras brands to Versa capital, a private equity group. With the rise of large multiple engine center consoles in the market, the demand for midsize diesel power fishing boats slowed. In 2014 versa capital made the decision to focus their efforts on the Hatteras name and stopped building Cabos. They kept the 44 HTX model and rebranded it a 45 Hatteras.

In the past year we have seen a huge comeback and revival of the midsize diesel power fishing vessels. Maybe the reliability of diesel power has a new found respect. Maybe the fuel burn and maintenance cost of 4 outboards no longer makes any sense. Maybe CC owners realized they don’t need or want to do 60 knots with no weather protection or creature comforts. Whatever the reason, other iconic builders have jumped back into this midsize diesel market segment that was perfected by CABO. BERTRAM is back with a 35 foot model and current reigning and undisputed sportfish heavy weight champion VIKING is building a 37, 42 and new 44.

As a passionate new Viking dealer I understand that new boat pricing is not for everyone. There is value to be had in the pre-owned market. If you are looking for a sportfishing vessel 35 to 52 feet give Cabo Yachts a long hard look. They are one of the finest boats money can buy. I know the product inside and out. Although no longer in production service is easy and parts are readily available. I was the number one Cabo salesman in the country for years. I now list and sell more pre owned Cabos than anyone. If you ever have any questions about which hull is a better ride or what changes were made in a certain year, I can help! Take a look at my current Cabo brokerage inventory available in this newsletter. If you have a Cabo now and would like to put her on the market there is no better combination for success than myself and HMY. Follow my listings and sales on Facebook (Mike Scalisi), #CABOMIKE or on Twitter @mscalisi39.