HMY’s Luxury Charter Division and Charter Specialist Will Make Your Summer Spectacular

It’s February and you know what that means—time to start planning your summer vacation! Owning a yacht gives you nearly unlimited access to the beauty and splendor this world has to offer, but what if you are currently sans yacht? Maybe you’re between vessels, waiting for the perfect option to pop up on the MLS; maybe you’ve owned yachts your entire life and just want to enjoy the lifestyle, minus the boat upkeep; or maybe you’re building your dream yacht and want to test out several models and features to create a truly unique vessel. The answer is quite simple—charter a yacht with HMY Luxury Charters!

Known for their hyper focus on personalized service, genuine personal relationships, and true love of helping customers buy and sell yachts, HMY extends that same brand mantra to their charter division. In just over four years, HMY’s Luxury Charter service has leapt to the top of the charter world, helping customers book lavish, customized getaways all over the globe. HMY tends to focus on fully-crewed boats over 80 feet and up to 150 feet, but with access to every yacht available for charter worldwide, they can get customers on superyachts up to and over 200 feet.

Meet Your Luxury Charter Specialist
Leading this charge, and the HMY Luxury Charter division, is HMY Charter Consultant, Kim Vickery, a senior industry professional of nearly 20 years.

HMY recruited Kim in late 2013 as they were in the early stages of developing their charter program. They needed a seasoned expert to help guide the development and growth of their nascent program – one that would inevitably be held up to the lofty standards that come with having the HMY name on it.

Kim’s impact was immediate, and her goals were clear. She wanted to shepherd the growth of clients into bigger boats, get buyers to try a vessel before purchase, and help people shape their dream vacations.

2014, Kim and HMY’s first full year together, was “amazing right out of the gate,” Kim proclaims. They experienced the usual push and pull that the yachting industry is subjected to as a whole, but overall, they continue making traction and gaining market share.

Hot Summer Charter Destinations
Kim focuses on boats that are 80’+, and stresses that “these are charters, not boat rentals; charters are customized to exotic locations across the world—the Mediterranean, Greece, Croatia, Bahamas, Caribbean, etc.—as we follow the sun and move with the seasons.”

This time of year, Kim spends a lot of time curating summer trips for HMY Luxury Charters’ customers to beautiful, exotic, and historic locales around the world, including the Western Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and New England, each offering a distinctly different experience.

Even though the Caribbean’s British Virgin Islands, USVI, and St. Martin had a particularly nasty 2017 hurricane season, particularly with the back-to-back hard hits from Irma and Maria, Kim notes they’re not to be ignored this travel season. Similar to New Orleans’ impressive recovery after Hurricane Katrina battered the city, the islands’ residents would not be kept down. Their strength and resilience are on full display, and while the island’s infrastructure may not be at 100% operating capacity, conditions are improving daily they are open for business and ready to serve the charter industry.

In the Know
Kim’s impact on HMY’s charter division is immeasurable and successful for many reasons, with one of the biggest being her hands-on approach. Similar to how consumers flock to MIBS, FLIBS, the Monaco Yacht Show, and other major international consumer shows, Kim regularly attends the major B2B charter shows around the globe—such as the MYBA Charter Show (celebrating its 30th anniversary in Barcelona this April) and the Antigua Charter Yacht Show, (held annually in December for 56 years)—to stay on top of her game and be able to provide first-class, personalized service to HMY’s charter customers.

At these shows, Kim inspects yachts, meets and evaluates crews, samples cuisine from top chefs, tries out the latest toys and gadgets, and stays current on industry trends. This is how she is able to match clients to their needs and create the customized trips that satiate their every whim and desire. Consider her your personal luxury travel connoisseur. “You have to know what you’re offering,” says Kim. “If you’re not in the know, you can’t provide that personal touch, that intimate knowledge of a vessel and its amenities. For example, I know you’ll need five proper cabins, not four rooms and a pull-out couch, and I’ll know which yachts fit that criteria because of my research. It may seem like a small detail, but that would negatively impact the entire trip.”

Exclusive Vessels Around the Globe
With more than 1,000 yachts available in the worldwide charter fleet, Kim has a lot to stay on top of, but this affords her tremendous versatility, allowing HMY to offer charter customers a massive range of yacht styles and customization options. Because each vessel is full of personalized characteristics and unique designs, and equipped to satisfy varying levels of luxury, entertainment, and experiences, rest assured that there is a yacht to fit your travel style, needs, and desires.

While there is no shortage of exceptional, extravagant, and mind-blowing yachts for charter customers to choose from, Kim can’t help but have a few favorites that she feels provide that extra layer of opulence and uniqueness for her customers. While the list is long, here are a few of the hotter charter boats currently available through Kim and HMY’s charter division.

2011 116' AZIMUT Grande, “Tail Lights”
Summer location: South Florida/Bahamas
“Tail Lights” is one of the more popular and busier charter yachts. She was chartered for 10 weeks in 2017, with more than $750,000 in charter revenue. Kim is looking to increase that time on water to 16 weeks this year. “Tail Lights” can accommodate up to 10 guests comfortably in her five-stateroom layout. She is currently chartering for $75,000/week + expenses.

2007 80’ LAZARRA, “Pastaio”
Summer location: New England
“Pastaio” recently joined the charter fleet and offers tons of fun for her guests at a competitive price. She features three staterooms for up to six guests and is currently chartering for $29,500/week + expenses.

2017 860 OUTER REEF Deluxe Skybridge, “Simon Says”
Summer location: Bahamas
Simon Says you’ll have a supremely luxurious getaway aboard “Simon Says”, a brand new, timeless classic from Outer Reef that’s ready to chauffeur you and your guests around in incomparable comfort. This spacious behemoth feels more like a 100’ yacht and features four staterooms for up to eight guests. She is currently chartering for $45,000/week + expenses.

HMY has expanded their superyacht offerings in recent years, including on the charter side. Kim encountered several exquisite superyachts at the Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting—two of her favorites were SYCARA V and LUCKY LADY—and was immediately drawn to this level of yacht, the professionalism of their crews, and what they could offer HMY’s charter clients.

Toys, Dining, Entertainment
Choosing the best boat for your charter adventure is obviously a key aspect of ensuring maximum comfort and enjoyment, but choosing what’s on the boat—wave runners, kayaks, fully loaded tenders, inflatable water slides, spa rooms, saunas, private media rooms, etc.—is also crucial to ensure your ideal charter experience.

What’s available depends on what’s on the boat and what the boat could possibly hold, and this is where Kim helps find customers their perfect match. Want to play with the latest personal submarine, or finally give kiteboarding a try? Want a 30’ Scout fully loaded for sport fishing? HMY’s customers can make requests and, depending on the yacht’s load capabilities, Kim will make every attempt to fulfill them.

This personalized service also applies to the culinary aspirations of the customer. No matter the styles of food you seek to indulge in to complement your travel destinations, Kim will tap into her vast network of renowned chefs and find the perfect crew match to ensure your yacht is its own five-star restaurant.

Advantages of Chartering With HMY
One of the absolute best parts of chartering is you get to have the experience and then simply walk away from it, letting HMY take care of the vessel while you move on to your next adventure. One of the best parts about chartering with HMY is knowing you will receive first-class, personalized service every step of the way, and you’re working with a dedicated team of industry veterans who truly value your relationship.

For prospective buyers, chartering affords the ability to try a multitude of different yachts before buying, or to learn features you prefer before building your own yacht to your unique specs.

For current yacht owners, your vessel becomes part of the juggernaut that is HMY’s industry-leading marketing and advertising program, meaning massive visibility and the ability to maximize return on your luxury investment.

For more information on HMY Luxury Charters, contact Kim Vickery at 954-309-7256 or