Annual Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo
by Kimberly Smith, Fri 3 Nov '17

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The 53rd Annual Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo takes place May 16 - 20, 2018. Since 1965 angler's have been participating in this fine South Florida fishing tradition. The Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo presents anlgers and their friends and families with the perfect opportunity to come together for four days of fun and excitement with tons of fishing, food, drink and music. Curious spectators are also welcome to join the party!

The 2017 Rodeo paid out $60,546 to anglers and weighed in 4,184.4 pounds of fish. First place team Frick & Frack, pictured below, won the Championship Crown with 440.7 pounds bringing in $18,622. 

In 2016, the Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo raised enough proceeds to donate $10,000 to Shipwreck Park in support of the sinking of the 224’ “Lady Luck”. The tournament also donated $6,750.00 to the Wounded Warrior anglers who participated in the rodeo. The tournament has high hopes of being able to donate to charitable organizations this year as well. 


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