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New & Used Cruisers Yachts for Sale

Cruisers Yachts is on the forefront of yachting innovation and technology, with some of the most popular models on the market. Cruisers has certainly taken a bite out of its niche with its beautiful designs, smart interiors and powerful-yet-agile propulsion and controls. This is one boat builder that is definitely committed to raising the bar in the sport yachting industry and showing their customers they are committed to providing an amazing experience for all Cruisers owners.

The wood trim and cabinetry coming from the Cruisers Yachts' wood shops is industry leading, with two workshops devoted specifically to the woodworking operations needed to assemble the final product. Cruiser's wood shops handle metal fabrication, cutting, welding and more in-house for superior control of delivered product. The luxurious interior fabrics utilized on the Cruisers brand are top of the line and hand crafted with care to compliment the hand-crafted cabinetry throughout.

Cruisers Yachts has been utilizing precision components and parts using its state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology to CNC its own precision parts for added accuracy and quality control overall. This also allows them to do more for less, delivering a yacht that appears even bigger from the inside than you could have imagined. All insulation is also Type III rated at 105 degrees Celsius. The electrical is also top-notch, with both 120V and 12/24V tinned, copper strand for excellent resistance against corrosion and providing for longer lifespans.

Assembly is done in sequence for a precise process in fitting each individual piece and component together. The systematic care and attention this layer-by-layer process provides gives the buyer an unparalleled amount of quality control in their final product.


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